Moqui Professional

Moqui Professional is a commercially supported version of the open source Moqui Framework.

With Moqui Professional by Hemagenesis you can be sure that Moqui Framework will work as you need it to, and that any issues you uncover will be researched and addressed in a timely manner by the same people who created Moqui itself.

This product includes support for the Moqui Framework software itself. If you need support for developers working with the framework please see our Support Services page.

Named Contacts124
Business Hours8 x 58 x 58 x 5
Initial Response Time2 business days1 business day4 business hours
Resolution - Critical*4 business days2 business days1 business day
Resolution - Major*1 week3 business days2 business days
Resolution - Minornext releasenext releasenext release
Yearly Price per Core$800 USD$1200 USD$2000 USD

*NOTE: intermittent and significant issues may take longer to track down and resolve. If this is the case for an issue you report we will let you know either in the initial response or as soon as this is discovered, and if necessary work with you to find an acceptable work-around until the issue is resolved.